Etchings, Mezzotints, Mixed Media Drawings & Paintings, Digital Graphics

Sharon Augusta Mitchell

I have regularly moved between natural studies and the pursuit of images that convey a sense of theater, emphasize the grace and structural integrity inherent in natural forms and produce encounter with the dramatic, the bizarre and the humorous…

What I Do

…Throughout my life, I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively. From an early age I was exposed to a variety of cultural aesthetics. During such adventures I absorbed everything from primitive folk art to the wildly ornate theatrics of Baroque embellishment and the ariel feats of Gothic cathedrals. I also became fascinated with the myths and narratives so abundant in every corner of the world. Because of this focus, I never felt an affinity with abstract expressionism. In spite of growing up in the 60’s and 70’s when it flourished so, I chose to virtually ignore it as an influence and instead became somewhat shamelessly representational. As such, my influences amongst the contemporary fine artists of the world are few. I do credit the usual old masters in particular Albrecht Durer whose engravings were an inspiration to take up a somewhat religious zeal toward printmaking while in college. However, though it is almost taboo to say it, during my “formative years” I fairly worshiped illustrators in general. Already headed in the direction of having an illustrative style, it seemed quite natural that I should gravitate to those whose work exhibited a mastership of illusionism.

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